Can You Have a Clean Home With Dirty Carpets?

Feb 1, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Can You Have a Clean Home With Dirty Carpets?

There are many times when we overlook just how vital carpet cleaning can be to keeping a house clean and healthy. This could be because we don’t have the time or financial means to afford professional carpet cleaning.

The simple fact is that carpets should be cleaned regularly to help maintain a clean and healthy home environment. A carpet in a home environment that sees average foot traffic should be cleaned at least once a year to help maintain that healthy and clean look.

Much like air filters in your home, carpets attract dirt and dust. Over time, these contaminants can seep into a carpet’s fibers, which is nearly impossible to clean with just a regular vacuum cleaner. It is these contaminants that cause carpet fibers to become dirty and, eventually if not treated right away, can also cause wear and tear on your carpet fibers.

A lot of times, people look to hire a professional carpet cleaner to help maintain a healthy look. What people don’t often realize is that a lot of professional carpet cleaners use a method called steam cleaning. This method is hazardous for two main reasons:

  1. Steam cleaning often does not get the dirt and dust trapped deep inside your carpet fibers. Steam cleaning is often called “wet vacuuming” because of the fact that it’s no different from vacuuming your floors.
  2. Steam cleaning uses excess water that leaves your carpets soaking wet, causing longer dry times and creating a perfect breeding ground for mold.

There are only a few professional carpet cleaning contractors in Park City that provide a service known as carbonation cleaning. Carbonation cleaning is thought of in the industry to be superior to that of steam cleaning. Here are a few examples:

  1. Carbonation cleaning can get deeper inside the carpet fibers than steam cleaning, lifting up the dirt and dust trapped deep inside and making it much easier to clean up.
  2. Carbonation cleaning takes less than half the water that steam cleaning takes and is more effective, making for quicker drying times and reducing the risk of water damage to your carpets by 75 % or more.
  3. Carbonation cleaning is widely considered a more environmentally-friendly way of cleaning carpets due to the amount of water saved during the cleaning process.

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